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About BRC brand

M.T.M. is an Italian company based in Cherasco (Cuneo), which is the owner of the BRC Gas Equipment trademark.


The company is a world leader in the production and sale of complete LPG systems and their components.

M.T.M. company - BRC Gas Equipment was established in 1977 and since then it has been dynamically developing.


Over a few years it became one of the major manufacturers of alternative fuel systems.


The first stage of development of the company, which was dedicated mainly to the production of multivalves, ended in the eighties, when M.T.M. - BRC Gas Equipment started production of a full range of LPG/methane products, thereby becoming one of world leaders in terms of technology.


Thanks to this, as early as in 1991, the company sold the first electronic combustion control system, and in 1996 - the first Italian gaseous phase LPG and CNG injection system.


The company currently employs 250 people working in three factories with a total area of ​​29,000 m2. With a distribution network of over 100 representative offices operating in more than 60 countries, the BRC brand has gained considerable importance both in Italy and in the international markets. 25 years of experience, continuous research and development of new technical solutions, as well as care of customers and a high level of competence of our installers allowed us to gain respect of customers and users of our systems.


BRC products


M.T.M. - BRC Gas Equipment Co. produces a complete range of systems for convertingvehicles from petrol to LPG and CNG to meet any market requirement, from thesimple systems for carburettor vehicles to the highly sophisticated systems for Euro IVvehicles equipped with OBD diagnostics. The Sequent sequential phase injection system requires a particular attention. It is a modern and refined gaseous injection system from BRC, innovative in terms of the ease of installation and calibration, which is used by many car manufacturers, who appreciated its high level of technological advancement and unique properties.


All the BRC products are created and modernized using the latest research methods (e.g. latest generation CAD - 3D design software, laboratories for static and dynamic tests, and various types of vehicle and emission test benches equipped with modal analysis systems). All products of BRC Gas Equipment are manufactured in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, have approvals complying with the applicable regulations (R67-01, R110 and ISO 15500), and meet the requirements of the EEC regulations on exhaust emissions (Euro III and Euro IV) and electromagnetic compatibility. Car conversions are carried out in a large installation centre, where bi-fuel vehicles of well-known manufacturers are serviced in compliance with typical industrial quality criteria.


Production philosophy


Dynamic growth and full success of M.T.M. BRC Gas Equipment were achieved due to: - strategies that helped to integrate the activities in the scope of design, improvement and manufacture of all the components necessary for LPG/CNG conversions in a single company. The components, like commutators and electronic combustion control units, are fully developed and manufactured by


M.T.M. - BRC Gas Equipment worldwide


M.T.M. - BRC Gas Equipment company, aware of the growing requirements resulting from the global competition, commenced in recent years the process of decentralization of its manufacturing operations, which resulted in establishment of two divisions in South America.


In 2000, in Buenos Aires, BRC Argentina company was established. It is active especially in the sector of the LPG system manufacturing and in the sale of methane equipment. In 2002, in order to meet the growing needs of the Brazilian market, WMTM (joint venture with White Martins - a Brazilian subsidiary of U.S. Praxair group) was established and a new, impressive factory was built in Manaus (Amazon), which strengthens the presence of BRC in South America.


In 2003, M.T.M. - BRC Gas Equipment finalized a prestigious agreement on strategic cooperation with American company of Impco - an absolute leader in the industrial applications of gas fuels. This agreement envisages significant commercial and technological cooperation. In practice it means creation of the largest global consortium of companies in the ecological fuel sector, which will open new investment, marketing and technology possibilities for the both partners.




The high quality and technological advancement of BRC products were reflected in the prestigious cooperation agreements, which - both in Italy and abroad - associate the BRC brand with the world's biggest car manufacturers: PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, MAN, Volkswagen, FIAT-Tofas, Mitsubishi, Daewoo Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Dewan-Hyundai, Lada.


In addition, M.T.M. actively participates in professional organizations, such as the Ecogas Consortium (an Italian company established by operators from the autogas sector, WLPGA (World LPG Association) and ENGVA (European NGV Association).

Other information regarding the products and sales network of BRC Gas Equipment is available on-line at the address, where the following information can be found: information about benefits resulting from the use of gas fuels, information about the installation centres, where technical and approval documentation can be obtained, information about correct installation and adjustment of equipment manufactured by BRC Gas Equipment.

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