Last works

  • Toyota Yaris III 1.0 VVT-i 69KM
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Yaris III 1.0
  • Toyota Auris II 1. 6 & Toyota Yaris III 1.33
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Auris II 1.6 & Yaris III 1.33
  • Toyota Yaris 1.33 & VW Polo 1.4 & VW UP! 1.0
    Car brand: Toyota & Volkswagen
    Car model: Yaris III 1.33 & Polo V 1.4 & UP! 1.0
  • Volkswagen UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4
    Car brand: Volkswagen
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4 V
  • VW UP! 1.0 & VW Polo V 1.4 & Dacia Duster 1.6
    Car brand: Volkswagen & Dacia
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo V 1.4 & Duster 1.6

BRC for Volkswagen

  • Installation without loss of warranty

    Our company has received from CZAKRAM Jacek Okoński sp. j., on the basis of cooperation agreement with KULCZYK - TRADEX Sp. z o.o., an authorization for installation of BRC LPG systems in Volkswagen cars covered by a warranty in accordance with the applicable regulations and commercial agreements. This means that a BRC LPG system manufactured by Italian company M.T.M., if installed by us in a brand new car or a car still covered by a warranty, will not cause the loss of the warranty.

  • Selection of LPG system

    Selection of an adequate LPG system depends on the electronic control system for petrol fuel, which is used in a given engine, so in the case of indirect sequential fuel injection, a 4th generation system will be used - BRC Sequent 24.11 or BRC Sequent Plug & Drive, while in the case of direct fuel injection (FSI, TSI), it will be the BRC Sequent SDI (injection of gaseous phase LPG) or 5th generation BRC LDI system (injection of liquid phase LPG). The BRC Sequent SDI and Sequent LDI systems are dedicated to a given car and type of engine and were developed especially for it.

Car Brands

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