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  • Toyota Yaris III 1.0 VVT-i 69KM
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Yaris III 1.0
  • Toyota Auris II 1. 6 & Toyota Yaris III 1.33
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Auris II 1.6 & Yaris III 1.33
  • Toyota Yaris 1.33 & VW Polo 1.4 & VW UP! 1.0
    Car brand: Toyota & Volkswagen
    Car model: Yaris III 1.33 & Polo V 1.4 & UP! 1.0
  • Volkswagen UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4
    Car brand: Volkswagen
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4 V
  • VW UP! 1.0 & VW Polo V 1.4 & Dacia Duster 1.6
    Car brand: Volkswagen & Dacia
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo V 1.4 & Duster 1.6

Installation of LPG systems

      At the beginning of the 1990s a favourable trend appeared on the fuel market, which was caused by a difference between the prices of petrol and autogas by approx. 50%. Such obvious savings when using LPG caused that a large number of car users in Poland decided to install an LPG system. A high level of awareness of the safety in daily use among vehicle owners, as well as high quality and reliability of new LPG systems cause that "this is a right and very good investment in a car".
  • Types of systems - generations

    Various fuel systems used in petrol engines of vehicles require selection of a proper generation and type of gas system. In the terms of installation of LPG systems, there are five generations of propane-butane fuel supply systems. The main factor that decides about correct selection of LPG system is the type of petrol fuel system used in given car.

    BRC LPG systems

    Thanks to a wide offer of BRC systems, which starts with SEQUENT 24, we can equip practically each petrol car with an LPG system - regardless of the age of car!!

  • Gas tanks

    Gas tanks

    The tanks used for installation of autogas systems are pressure tanks, in which liquid fuel is stored. Two basic types of tanks are used: cylindrical tanks and toroidal tanks, which can be additionally divided into internal toroidal tanks, external toroidal tanks, and vertical toroidal tanks.



    JLM liquid lubricant is a modern preparation used in cars with engines exposed to the risk of valve seats burning (due to the design and the materials used). The preparation forms a protective layer on valves and valve seats, which protects them against excessive wear.
  • Information about LPG

    Information about LPG

    What is LPG?


    LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is the name adopted for a mixture of propane and butane, which is used, inter alia, as fuel for petrol engines.

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