Last works

  • Toyota Yaris III 1.0 VVT-i 69KM
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Yaris III 1.0
  • Toyota Auris II 1. 6 & Toyota Yaris III 1.33
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Auris II 1.6 & Yaris III 1.33
  • Toyota Yaris 1.33 & VW Polo 1.4 & VW UP! 1.0
    Car brand: Toyota & Volkswagen
    Car model: Yaris III 1.33 & Polo V 1.4 & UP! 1.0
  • Volkswagen UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4
    Car brand: Volkswagen
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4 V
  • VW UP! 1.0 & VW Polo V 1.4 & Dacia Duster 1.6
    Car brand: Volkswagen & Dacia
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo V 1.4 & Duster 1.6


  • Installation of LPG systems

          At the beginning of the 1990s a favourable trend appeared on the fuel market, which was caused by a difference between the prices of petrol and autogas by approx. 50%. Such obvious savings when using LPG caused that a large number of car users in Poland decided to install an LPG system. A high level of awareness of the safety in daily use among vehicle owners, as well as high quality and reliability of new LPG systems cause that "this is a right and very good investment in a car".
  • LPG service and repair

    As an auto repair shop, we provide services in the scope of repair and diagnostics, as well as service of autogas systems.

  • LPG filling station

    To ensure comfort to our customers as well as to attract new customers and encourage them to install LPG systems, in 1995 we opened a LPG filling station for refuelling of cars with liquid propane-butane and exchange of LPG cylinders

Car Brands

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