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  • Toyota Yaris III 1.0 VVT-i 69KM
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Yaris III 1.0
  • Toyota Auris II 1. 6 & Toyota Yaris III 1.33
    Car brand: Toyota
    Car model: Auris II 1.6 & Yaris III 1.33
  • Toyota Yaris 1.33 & VW Polo 1.4 & VW UP! 1.0
    Car brand: Toyota & Volkswagen
    Car model: Yaris III 1.33 & Polo V 1.4 & UP! 1.0
  • Volkswagen UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4
    Car brand: Volkswagen
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo 1.4 V
  • VW UP! 1.0 & VW Polo V 1.4 & Dacia Duster 1.6
    Car brand: Volkswagen & Dacia
    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo V 1.4 & Duster 1.6

Sequent 24

Sequent 24
Sequent 24.11

The SEQUENT 24.11 system is the latest and at the same time the most advanced system for sequential injection of gaseous-phase LPG, created on the basis of the well-known and proven SEQUENT 24 system. It is intended for cars with 3- and 4-cylinder engines equipped with a sequential petrol injection system.

The main element of SEQUENT 24.11 system responsible for coordination and proper operation of the LPG system is a new SQ 24.11 gas control unit, which controls the entire process of sequential switching of gas injectors through adequate software and direct interoperation with the petrol control unit.


This control unit offers new functions:


VSR - this function enables extra injection of a small dose of petrol when running on gas. The purpose of this function is to protect valve seats against burning in cars having this problem.


Warm Up Injector - this function allows heating the injectors when running on petrol before first switching to gas - this applies to operation on a cold engine.


Start & Stop - this function was created for the vehicles equipped with the STOP & GO function in the factory. It allows reducing the fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions by turning off the engine, when the car stops at intersections, and then restarting it directly on LPG.


As in the case of earlier BRC SEQUENT systems, a BRC rail, which supplies the latest BRC injectors under pressure, was used. BRC injectors of the new type are characterised by a very high precision and rate of gas injection - they are used, inter alia, in SEQUENT Plug&Drive kits installed in process lines in brand new cars. Gas is dispensed with the maximum precision, because each injector handles only one cylinder. Gas injectors are opened and the mixture is injected ​​exactly at the same time as in the case of petrol injectors, which are turned off when running on gas. GENIUS reducer is equipped with a coolant temperature sensor, the indications of which enable automatic switching from petrol to gas when an adequate temperature of engine is reached. Placement of the gas pressure sensor in the rail enables immediate correction of the amount of the fuel consumed. Thanks to an excellent integration of the LPG system with the petrol fuel system, there is no difference when running on gas and on petrol. Additionally, this ensures full control over emissions of pollutants by providing optimal conditions for the operation of the catalytic converter - the system meets the requirements of the EURO 4 and 5 exhaust emission standards. Apart from financial benefits in the form of lower costs of refuelling, installation of this system will also bring relief to the environment.

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