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Sequent LDI - NEW !!

Sequent LDI - NEW !!
Sequent LDI

LPG DIRECT INJECTOR is the latest and most advanced system for gaseous phase LPG direct injection on the market. This system is designed for vehicles with direct petrol injection (FSI, TSI, GDI, etc.) and is dedicated to specific models.

Gas in the liquid phase is injected into the combustion chamber using the original petrol injectors and a high-pressure pump. Thus gas injectors and a gas regulator were eliminated. The problem of cooling the petrol injectors was also completely solved, because in this system, they are cooled with LPG flowing through them. LPG injected under pressure into the combustion chamber is fully expanded and fills the cylinder in 100%, which additionally reduces the temperature of the combustion chamber. Thanks to this, the performance of a car when running on LPG is higher than on petrol and the gas consumption is reduced at the same time. Better evaporation and mixing of gas with air in the combustion chamber brings an additional advantage: in contrast to the petrol combustion process, the oil film is not washed away from the walls of the cylinder. This contributes to extending the engine life and reducing the particulate emissions.


The LDI gas controller is responsible for correct communication with the petrol control unit, precise control of the system, as well as for LPG dispensing. In the case of LDI, a car is started on LPG - regardless of the engine temperature, without the use of petrol. Thanks to this, the use of a car with this LPG system is cost-effective even at short distances. Car users decide themselves about selection of fuel for powering the engine. However, it should be remembered that the engine is started on that fuel, on which it was turned off last time. The system is programmed by uploading ready mapping, prepared for a given car model with a specific engine. System composed of roughing pumps (FSU pressure regulating assembly) and a high-pressure pump is responsible for maintaining the pressure of the gas injected into the combustion chamber at a level of 50 - 140 bar, irrespective of the amount of the gas in the tank.



LPG DIRECT INJECTOR system consists of the following elements:



LDI controller


LPG tank with gas and petrol pumps, solenoid valves and a gas meter


petrol-gas switching unit and FSU pressure adjustment unit


modified high-pressure petrol pump


petrol-LPG changeover switch


cables, connectors, etc.


fuses and relays



BRC LDI system is characterized by:


high level of integration of the factory injection system with LPG


high quality of components




operation of the LPG system independent of the propane/butane ratio in the tank


achievement of higher power by a car when running on LPG


low consumption of autogas


reduction in the number of components to a minimum



The pioneering solutions developed by engineers from Italian company MTM srl have been tested in extreme conditions on several dozen cars. Tests were performed in real traffic conditions and in the state-of-the-art research and development centre in Cherasco, Italy. The test results clearly confirm high dynamics of the tested cars achieved at a low fuel consumption.


The acquired experience, high quality of components and the innovative solutions were applied in a wide range of new cars, including Kia, Mazda, Hyundai, Seat, Skoda and VW. The system is environmentally friendly and meets the stringent EURO 6 exhaust emission standards.


Tests of a Seat Leon car with 1.4 TSI engine, equipped with a BRC LDI LPG system, conducted in an engine test house show that the vehicle gains power.



Test 1

Test 2



Autogas LDI

Max. power ( HP )


( 5370 rpm. )


( 5206 rpm. )

Max. torque ( Nm )


( 3098 rpm. )


( 2077 rpm. )

Max. speed ( km/h )



Transmission ( km/h )



Temperature ( C )



Pressure ( HPa )







DIN 70020

DIN 70020


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