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Sequent Plug & Drive

Sequent Plug & Drive
Sequent P&D

The SEQUENT PLUG&DRIVE system is the latest and most advanced gaseous phase LPG system designed for cars with a multi-point sequential petrol injection system. It was created on the basis of well-known and proven components from the SEQUENT systems family, i.e. Genius MB reducer, BRC injectors along with the rail and MICRO changeover switch.

The PLUG & DRIVE gas control unit as well as the gas pressure and temperature sensor located in the rail constitute a novelty. Particularly noteworthy is the PLUG & DRIVE gas control unit characterised by very good communication with the petrol control unit, which allows obtaining a number of important parameters, such as mass of the flowing air, air temperature, coolant temperature, engine r.p.m, short-term and long-term adaptation of the fuel mixture mapping. Thanks to these data, the gas control unit can precisely control the entire system and dispense LPG. Communication between the gas control unit and the petrol control unit also allows reading and cancelling the errors signalled during the operation. This function also allows sorting these errors into "more and less important" for the engine operation - a flashing LED on the Micro changeover switch informs the driver about errors.


The SEQUENT PLUG&DRIVE system offers the following options: cold engine operation, acceleration, deceleration, and full load operation.


A novelty in this system is the possibility of emergency start-up of the engine with gas. However, this option has been limited by the manufacturer to five repetitions, preventing its overuse. This function can be reactivated in a service station. The P&D system is characterised by a very high degree of integration of the LPG injection control system with the factory fuel system - it is pre-installed in new cars of various make, such as: CHEVROLET, CITROEN, PEUGEOT. The combination of the petrol and gas injection control systems enables full control over emissions of pollutants by providing optimal working conditions for the operation of the catalytic converter. The P&D system meets the requirement of the EURO 4 exhaust emission standard




Naturally aspirated and turbocharged 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-cylinder petrol engines with multi-point sequential petrol injection system.




GENIUS MB reducer, P&D control unit, Et98 gas solenoid valve, cabling, Micro switch, BRC rail with integrated gas pressure and temperature sensors,


BRC injectors, gaseous phase filter, gas pipes, water pipes, and mounting elements.




Automatic switching from petrol to autogas after reaching an adequate temperature of the coolant. Full integration of the gas and petrol control units.




The system meets the requirement of the EURO 4 exhaust emission standard and can interoperate with EOBD.




With the use of a PC.

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