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    Car model: UP! 1.0 & Polo V 1.4 & Duster 1.6

Sequent SDI

Sequent SDI
Sequent SDI

SEQUENT DIRECT INJECTION (SDI) is a state-of-the-art sequential gas injection system (LPG in gaseous phase) designed for vehicles with petrol direct injection (e.g. FSI, GDI). It was created based on the proven and well-known family of SEQUENT systems, while preserving their main features, i.e. uniform components and simplicity of installation and programming.

The SDI system was developed individually for each engine type. It is used for cars with 4-cylinder engines, normally aspirated or turbocharged, with the maximum power up to 200 kW (272 HP). An innovation in this system is the SDI control unit, which combines the function of emulation and periodical activation of petrol injectors to ensure their cooling and thus prevent damage. Programming the SDI system consists in uploading ready mapping prepared specifically for a given model of engine. The system includes new SDI cabling, a new SDI sensor switch, BRC injectors along with the rail, and Genius MB or Genius Max Reducer (selected depending on the engine power). The SDI system controls all phases of operation of the engine - from idle speed to operation under extreme conditions, providing maximum level of compatibility for each fuel type.


This system is characterized by a high degree of reliability and simplicity of use, as switching from petrol to gas occurs automatically when the engine reaches adequate operating temperature. Sequent Direct Injection satisfies requirements of the most stringent standards




4-cylinder petrol engines, normally aspirated and turbocharged, with petrol direct injection.




GENIUS MB reducer, Sequent SDI control unit, Et98 gas solenoid valve, cabling of the SDI control unit, changeover switch of a new type, BRC rail with integrated temperature sensor, BRC injectors, FJ gaseous phase filter, D-6 copper pipe, gas pipes, water pipe and mounting elements.




Automatic switching from petrol to autogas after reaching an adequate temperature of the coolant. Full integration of the gas and petrol control units.




The system meets the requirement of the EURO 4 exhaust emission standard




- the system is fully configurable,


- does not require lambda sensor emulation,


- more smooth driving,


- optimized fuel consumption.




With the use of a PC.

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